Saint Spyridon

Saint SpyridonSaint Spyridon of Tremithus was born towards the end of the third century on the island of Cyprus. He was a shepherd, and had a wife and children. He used all his substance for the needs of his neighbors and the homeless, for which the Lord rewarded him with a gift of wonderworking. He healed those who were incurably sick, and cast out demons.

After the death of his wife, during the reign of Constantine the Great (306-337), he was made Bishop of Tremithus, Cyprus. As a bishop, the saint did not alter his manner of life, but combined pastoral service with deeds of charity.

Saint Spyridon is the Patron Saint of our Church and we celebrate his Feast Day on 12th December.

More information on Saint Spyridon can be found here.

Information from the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Thryateira of Great Britain can be found here.


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