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What is NodeJS?

What is NodeJS?

Simply put, Nodejs is a highly effective and versatile software development tool that facilitates the implementation of robust and high-performance applications.

It is possible to create network applications using Node.js since it is a freely available, cross-platform, back-end JavaScript runtime environment. Developed on the same V8 JavaScript engine that drives Google Chrome, it offers event-driven and non-blocking I/O architecture.

NodeJS Development Services at Saigon Technology

NodeJS Development Services at Saigon Technology

For over ten years, Saigon Technology has offered a wide variety of NodeJS development services to the worldwide market. With the expansion of hundreds of our major and small client enterprises, the team has made a significant contribution to the world's digital transformation process.

NodeJS can be utilized to create a variety of programs, including web servers, real-time tracking systems, and more. Our team took advantage of this to develop complex applications with the ability to support a large number of simultaneous connections.

NodeJS Development Services We Provide

Saigon Technology is currently the top NodeJS development company not only in Vietnam but also in the Pacific-Asia region. With a large range of NodeJS development services, we are confident to bring our clients complete satisfaction with the dedication of talented NodeJS developers for:
Custom ReactJS Development

Custom NodeJS Development

Businesses may hire our NodeJS developers to create high-performance, scalable apps designed just for their businesses. Since individuality in business is highly valued in today's digital era, developing applications that cater uniquely to the specific users with their own journey of experience is an essential and vital point.

UX/UI Design with ReactJS  Development

NodeJS for Integration Answers

With this service, we develop APIs to connect your NodeJS answer with your current business system and boost its performance. When clients have this requirement, our objective is to build on the current basis while also offering updated and improved values.

ReactJS Development Consulting

NodeJS for Developing Mobile Apps

Opening up the usability of JS, NodeJS is also used in developing mobile apps to optimize performance as much as possible. We deliver mobile app development services that make use of NodeJS to create interactive and cross-platform mobile applications.

Support & Maintenance of ReactJS Development

NodeJS for Creating Back-end Dashboards

Creating a dashboard for the back-end of a system or app using NodeJS enables efficient management and monitoring. By bringing in a straightforward interface, it facilitates system administrators in doing their duties.

React Native App Development

NodeJS Upkeep & Maintenance

We offer Node.js maintenance and assistance services to prolong the functionality of NodeJS-based apps. In particular, we offer post-project client support and product maintenance in addition to the primary project development process. We prioritize the happiness of our clients before, during, and after the NodeJS development services since we care about the quality of the product over the long term.

Migration to ReactJS Development

NodeJS for API Development

Clients coming to us with the need to utilize NodeJS for API development, in order to optimize the end-users experience as thoroughly as possible. Our NodeJS developers will implement REST APIs in the most thorough and reasonable way to improve security and reduce overhead for the project in general. Especially for developing high-traffic, real-time APIs, NodeJS provides a reliable and efficient platform.

Benefits of NodeJS for Digital Enterprises

The use of NodeJS in the road of digitalization of enterprises - with prominent NodeJS applications - brings a number of key benefits, including the following:

NodeJS #1 Benefit: Superior Efficiency

Since NodeJS can easily manage a large number of simultaneous connections, it is used in the development of NodeJS applications that demand great performance in real-time. Apps that specialize in direct engagement with users in the most accurate and timely manner, for example.

The Ability to Run on Multiple Platforms

NodeJS #2 Benefit: Highly Effective Growth

As a leading NodeJS development service provider in Pacific-Asia, we always uphold the feasibility of products/projects that can bring the best impact to the business of corporate customers. And one of NodeJS' big pluses is how fast and effective it is. So NodeJS development service provider can create both the front-end and back-end code in the same language, which may speed up development and simplify the script.

NodeJS #3 Benefit: Software That Updates In Real Time

Used to create virtual assistants - chatbots for purposes from e-Commerce to healthcare, NodeJS is favored by developers for its event-driven and non-blocking I/O approach. Moreover, digital enterprises are focusing on streaming services to keep up with the times. As a result, NodeJS applications are more appealing.

Error Fixing Rapidly
Supportive Community

NodeJS #4 Benefit: Cost-savings

Because it is open-source, NodeJS has great strength in opening a completely free reference library. In addition, users can also share widely without cost. It is this factor that has helped digital enterprises in cutting down on development expenditures, which in turn can boost their bottom line.

NodeJS #5 Benefit: Cloud-native

Since NodeJS was built for the cloud from the ground up, it is simple to install and manage Node.js in cloud environments. Several common cloud environments include Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. It then facilitates large-scale application development and deployment for digital initiatives.

Enhanced Efficiency


As a leading NodeJS development company in Pacific Asia, our development services will provide you with server-side web apps capable of a wide range of operations.
Why choose Saigon Technology
  • 30+ NodeJS Developers at Saigon Technology always amaze with high-quality work and reasonable rates.
  • 80% of our Engineers have Senior or equivalent levels.
  • 100% of our Project Managers are seasoned professionals with extensive industry expertise.
  • Throughout our 10+ years of business, many corporate clients have come to us to hire NodeJS developers since we boast the top 1% of talent in the nation.
  • Convenient for direct meetings or business contacts with 2 major offices in Vietnam: Ho Chi Minh City (Headquarters) and Da Nang City.
  • World-conquering with 4 subsidiaries in 4 continents: Singapore - Australia - Switzerland - the USA.
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Microsoft Gold Partner

We are committed to being industry leaders in deploying Microsoft solutions for our clients and staying current on Microsoft's cutting-edge software.

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For NodeJS development services, Saigon Technology offers the following cooperation models:


The team is brought in to handle a single task or a collection of tasks under this arrangement. Members are obligated to complete the job in line with the established scope of work, timeframe, and financial plan.

Time & Material

Time & Material

The partnering team receives payment according to the amount of effort put into the project. And the manpower and materials will be fully provided to implement the project, with the scope and timetable both changeable.


Dedicated Team

Simply put, to complete a single or collection of tasks, the outsourcing firm brings in a dedicated team of programmers, designers, and other specialists.

Time & Material


Under this approach, the client business may gradually enter a new market without incurring huge initial costs. We will assist in establishing & running a software development center and then transfer the full responsibility for the facility to the client.


While conducting NodeJS development, the technical team typically follows a standard operating process including:

Planning and Assessing

The whole project can't be done without first gathering and analyzing customer needs. Our team may prioritize work by its significance by consolidating and reorganizing data. Similarly, the project's foundation will be Angular's development architecture.


Our UI/UX design team is now putting together the program's wireframe, prototype, and mockups. In this stage, the app's user interface will be decided and it may determine how end users interact with the software. Besides UI, UX design is also conducted in parallel to create the structure of the interface, to bring the comfort of the given context, and to fundamental interaction.



This stage involves encoding the ideas we just discussed. All of the models, functionalities, and service connectors defined in the earlier phases are put into action by the project team. The development phase - Or particularly NodeJS development - also has the longest execution time of the whole process in general since it is the backbone of the complete system. And there is an iterative process that begins with an early prototype and ends with a finished product.


During the quality assurance phase, testing specialists identify and report on issues that users encounter. Automation and/or manual testing techniques may be used, depending on the nature of the project. If there are problems during testing or flaws in the codes, it may be necessary to fix up the coding. This loop continues until the project is fully completed.


Upkeep & Support

After an app is released into the marketplace, it requires constant upkeep and revision to keep up with the ever-changing technology and consumer demands. In addition, our developers are accessible around-the-clock for consultations all across the project to ensure that users have access to the best support at all times.


Transportation and Logistics Transportation and Logistics
Accounting Accounting
Healthcare Healthcare
Business Software Development Business Software Development
Banking and Finance Banking and Finance
E-commerce E-commerce



I have worked with Thanh (Bruce) Pham on several projects and I admire his professionalism and his dedication to delivering high-quality work. He is responsive when answering emails and calls, as well as making sure that work always gets done on time. I am glad to be working with him and hope to continue working with him.

Mr. RJ Macasaet
Head of Partnership – DMI Global
Star Star Star Star Star

Thanks to Saigon Technology, the client increased their user base by 30% and the number of bookings by 25% within three months. They also received positive acclaim from end customers. The app gained over 4.8 stars on the app stores. The service provider's knowledge and timeliness were commendable.

Angelo Adams
President - Zipcar Car Sharing Company
Star Star Star Star Star

I would recommend companies to work with Saigon Technology for their Software development or service needs. The project team is very responsible for their work and would recommend solutions in the interest of the client. The team also responds very quickly to requests, bugs, and questions. One exceptional quality of Saigon Technology was their patience for clients. There were several times when we were slow to respond or test our apps but the project team was still very accommodating towards us.

Jeremy Heng
Development Manager - Rehau Group PTE
Star Star Star Star Star

Thanks to Saigon Technology, the client witnessed a substantial boost in customer engagement and retention. They also experienced a rise in app downloads and active users. The service provider ensured exemplary project management. Their communication, dedication, and empathy were commendable.

Anthony Casalena
CEO - Squarespace
Star Star Star Star Star

The client successfully automated many processes. As a result, their operation became more efficient and streamlined. The team's project management approach was excellent. Their resources consistently delivered tasks on time without compromising their output's quality.

Richard Sæther
Owner - RST Logistics AS
Star Star Star Star Star

Saigon Technology Solutions works efficiently and professionally. They’re always responsive and can be flexible. When needed, the team is willing to work extra hours to ensure a successful outcome.

Srihari Akiri
Solutions Architect - Federal Solutions Company
Star Star Star Star

Saigon Technology delivered an app with minimal glitches and technical issues, resulting in a smooth UX and positive user feedback. The team met key milestones and deliverables on time and provided valuable insights and recommendations. Their understanding of the industry was remarkable.

Jade Castro
General Manager - Crunch Fitness
Star Star Star Star Star




Cluster enables developers to launch numerous worker processes, each of which may execute incoming requests. Having the ability to handle several requests in parallel is a big boon to NodeJS applications' rapidity and scalability.

The Buffer class is used to manage binary data like photos, movies, and network packets. It lets developers produce, read, and modify binary data in a more efficient and performant method.

NodeJS has its module import method called require, although ES6 JavaScript has the more modern syntax of import. Import is more robust and supports named imports and exports, although both methods do the same thing.

The I/O processing and callback execution in Node.js are handled by the event loop. Node.js can process several requests in parallel because it utilizes a non-blocking I/O paradigm to avoid stopping the execution stream.

NodeJS is built on an event-driven architecture, which means that asynchronous I/O is managed via the use of callbacks and promises. As this doesn't halt the execution thread, NodeJS can process several requests in parallel, increasing its efficiency and scalability.

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